Final Stretch

Im in the final week of my new sculpture “She Wave” A beautiful piece of light green Iranian Onyx courtesy of Graham Radcliffe. Its almost like the last few chapters of a good book…….ill be excited to reach the end but in another way dont wont to complete it! Photos coming Col

Beach Boys love Surf Zen art!

Here is a message from Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys. They are using our art as a back drop at 150 concerts. VERY EXCITED- Go see them if you get half a chance. They are still the best Cheryl and Colin: We chose COLD WAVE to drift across our large concert screen(s) in 2016 and beyond (so far 150 … Read More

help us help Fiji

New smaller size fine art prints are coming soon. Less cost and less wall space! My new oil piece due to start this week. Looking forward to it. About to commence a 15% donation to the Fijians from every painting sold. More detail coming on the FB Page.

Pacific Long Boarder

My considerable thanks to John and the team at Pacific Long Boarder for the wonderful article they did about me and my “surfing” this month. I guess the message is simply not to give up. If you love the ocean as I do then the set backs are just more challenges to be met. I know thats not always possible for everyone. I met a nice bloke who was a complete quadriplegic ex surfer last week. BUT he was sitting on the boat ramp watching the waves with a BIG SMILE. Its not about the cut backs, aerials, intensity, its about the joy of the sea, the friendship, the pure happiness that “paddling around” brings. SO for me ………it was very humbling to be mentioned in such a great magazine and made me very proud at the same time. Like i said, Ive been told 5 times id never surf again and am still going …….so if just one person decides to “Give it a go” ………..Ill be pretty chuffed. By the way, thanks to all who offered to help me over the rocks at the Pass. I guess i looked a bit like a turtle trying to crawl over them. I was really touched by how many people reached out.

New Knee Board

Well, I cant stand up on a board anymore but courtesy of the great service at Munro surfboards Byron Bay i can knee board. A beaut second had 6’7 fish with enough volume for an ex long boarder to get some cracking waves across the pass to Clarkes. Mind you, couldnt walk out of the water after wards. We will … Read More

Raising Money for Multiple Sclerosis

Very proud Surf Artist. My son Luke and his mates Baxter and Tim are riding push bikes to Sydney to raise money for MS. The KISS MS GOODBYE Program site for donations will be sent out shortly. The boys are riding a total of 1200km in heat up 36 Centigrade on a high way that would scare me if i … Read More


Delighted to announce that Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys has chosen one of my paintings as a back drop for their 2016 World Tour –over 100 venues. Immensely proud and honored. More about which piece soon!! There can be no greater honor for someone who loves and paints the sea! Ill be putting a special limited edition version out … Read More