Well, anyone who loves the sea. In my book a real surfer is anyone who gets enjoyment from Mother Ocean. I think it might have been Kelly Slater who said “Who ever enjoys it most” Anyway……..I FORGOT TO MENTION the sculptures. Unlike the paintings i cant do limited edition prints (Duh…really Col!!) So when they are sold they are gone. … Read More


Well its almost the SILLY SEASON FOR SURFERS. Not only do we get warmer water here in Aus (although the Winter Waves are better) but its about now that surfers partners get stuck on what to buy their water “person”. WELL……..SurfZen is here to help! You can buy a limited edition print and help a really worth cause……………….me. (BUT ITS … Read More

Surf Art is WHAT!

Well, I meant no disrespect when i said it. In fact, my love of surf art comes from the days when people parked their Sandman vans and had beautiful spray painted waves on the side, I was always green with envy considering the heap i was driving! NO…………..I love the traditional spray gun surf art HEAPS But i have also … Read More

A bunch of new stuff

Gidday, sorry about the break in transmission. My diagnosis of Primary Progressive MS has screwed things up a bit. My surfing in particular. Thankfully i wasn’t that good anyway. Taking up the knee board ( cant believe I just said that) New paintings to be posted next week (about 5 of them in fact)- And a new sculpture of three underway. Format is moving more towards the Japanese style every day. I think it must be all the sushi i am eating! Stay tuned as a bucket load of new stock coming REALLY SOON

Sunrise Magic Oct 2015

Next Wave

Just picked up a wonderful block of Green Onyx courtesy of a friend and master sculptor Graham Radcliffe of Phoenix Sculpture Gardens.  This piece of stone is the most subtle light green with gorgeous grain ………….wont be a shark………..definitely another wave.  Loaded and ready to carve!!  WOO HOO.

Another day, another crawl over boulders

Gidday!    Well,  MS or no MS I went for another surf. This time at the iconic Noosa National Park.  If I say so myself i thought i went pretty well considering.  That was until the leg rope broke,  I managed the swim in OK, recovered the board in one piece and then found i couldnt walk back up the … Read More


hi there,   A proud day.  Our art site is public.  In other “breaking news”  my 45 years of surfing has been a bit screwed up by getting a nasty little bug called MS.  The great news for me is that I can still paint and sculpt the sea,  the annoying bit is that i  cant surf ( at the … Read More

Wendy the wombat

I love this photo, I know it’s not a wave. My wonderful wife wanted a “happy smiling wombat” so I sculpted Wendy.  She was on display for a sculptors walk commissioned by our State Government, September 2014 Samford. So she spent her time with kids climbing all over her.  This is why we sculpt:)

Whats next

I am going to TRY and sculpt a shark!  Hopefully a tiger.  If I can get it I will be using either Chillagoe Black Marble or Belgium Black.  I know it’s a bit unusual and to be blunt they scare the tripe out of me. But I adore the grace, the muscles and their power. The pinnacle of the sea. … Read More

A challenge

Working on a beautiful piece (well I hope it is)  that is basically a pen and ink wash of a large breaking wave at Sunset (as in the time just before dark, not the break in Hawaii)  It’s a rather interesting blend of a 60’s poster art with Ukiyo-e  or “Floating World” genre from Edo (Tokyo).   Hope to have … Read More