Another day, another crawl over boulders

Gidday!    Well,  MS or no MS I went for another surf. This time at the iconic Noosa National Park.  If I say so myself i thought i went pretty well considering.  That was until the leg rope broke,  I managed the swim in OK, recovered the board in one piece and then found i couldnt walk back up the famous national park boulders!!   So i crawled on all fours!  Glad i had a  full length wettie on.  HUGE thanks to the really nice guys who came and helped out.    I may be losing use of my legs but i will NEVER give up the surf!! (May have to consider a knee board at some point though!.   Lots of great new images to paint as well. Magic day.  Admiration to my mad mates at Lennox.  On the day of a shark attack at the point………they stayed out because the waves were so good!  Muz—your a legend!!      Still  bloody annoyed i didnt rate a you tube clip for my Noosa Rock Crawl……….oh well.