Month: March 2015

Wendy the wombat

I love this photo, I know it’s not a wave. My wonderful wife wanted a “happy smiling wombat” so I sculpted Wendy.  She was on display for a sculptors walk commissioned by our State Government, September 2014 Samford. So she spent her time with kids climbing all over her.  This is why we sculpt:)

Whats next

I am going to TRY and sculpt a shark!  Hopefully a tiger.  If I can get it I will be using either Chillagoe Black Marble or Belgium Black.  I know it’s a bit unusual and to be blunt they scare the tripe out of me. But I adore the grace, the muscles and their power. The pinnacle of the sea. … Read More

A challenge

Working on a beautiful piece (well I hope it is)  that is basically a pen and ink wash of a large breaking wave at Sunset (as in the time just before dark, not the break in Hawaii)  It’s a rather interesting blend of a 60’s poster art with Ukiyo-e  or “Floating World” genre from Edo (Tokyo).   Hope to have … Read More

New Art Work

Several new pieces recently released. Teahupoo from the Back, Nami- Wave in Enso. and a piece dedicated to Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa. This has to be one of our favorite paintings and friends also agree.