The Wave – Sculpture

My biggest challenge to date.  Gorgeous Italian Marble.  I worked under master Sculptor Giovanni Balderi for this one. It is based on my favorite break in the world Lennox Point.  A fast and steep wave with a rather strange take off.  I am pretty hopeless at surfing this one but get great joy out of watching my much more skilled local tackle it on a big day.  The wave is long and fast and wraps around the point like a collar.  The marble capture all the lines of power and speed in the wave with a slowly cresting face.  A deep barrel finishes off the feeling of power. I must admit every time I look at it I remember the times I ALMOST made it before going backwards over the falls!   Oh well. It took 4 weeks to complete,  was hand sculpted and finished with 13 grades of paper.  Because it is marble it is ALWAYS cool to touch.  It weighs in at about 60kg so its not light but has been in demand globally (I am humbly proud to say).

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