The French Wave- Limited Edition Reproduction

Limited edition reproduction using the highest quality inks and canvas. Signed, Numbered and Dated.

The original has been done using acrylics on canvas. Some metallic inks, mica paints, and pastels. It was challenging to actually capture the size of the wave given it was so close to shore. I could almost hear the thunder as it hit the beach while I was painting it!


Product Description

Not my idea of an easy paddle. This shore break thunders into a shelving beach in France. Gloriously clean and ridiculously fast. A slight offshore holds the wave up just that bit longer! A certified and signed limited edition high quality reproduction.

Available in the following sizes below and also up to 140cm x 186cm.

Cotton Poly Canvas 430gsm 76cm x 101cm
Elite Rag Paper 320gsm 60cm x 80cm

Original also available on request: 76cm x 101cm

Additional Information

Product Type

Budget Print, Elite Rag Paper 320 gsm, Cotton Poly Canvas 430gsm