Nami in Enso -1- Limited Edition Reproduction – Original sold

Bold but subtle. Strong but gentle. This piece is one of two. This one symbolizes power and strength, its twin shows the gentle and soft side of the sea. At 25cm by 30cm it makes a powerful statement in a small space. It is also available as a beautiful wall hanging! Again, the reproduction uses the BEST inks and canvas available.

SKU: m1.

Product Description

A much smaller wall piece. Inspired by Hokusai and his piece “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” The painting is bold but subtle. It balances the depth of the outside area to the intricacy of the wave “Inside” the Enso. An enso is a Zen Circle that symbolizes enlightenment and freedom. I think that is very appropriate!

Available in the following sizes below and up to 80cm x 96cm.

Cotton Poly Canvas 430gsm 30cm x 36cm
Elite Rag Paper 320gsm 25cm x 30cm

Original also available on request: 25cm x 30cm.

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Product Type

Elite Rag Paper 320 gsm, Cotton Poly Canvas 430gsm