Green Wave- Coolum Beach – Sculpture

I love this piece. It is SO soft and cool.  It really reminds me so much of long summer days at Coolum Beach. Long light green waves,  Sparkling sun,  Dolphins!  I can happily sit and stare at this one for hours. This piece weighs 4kg and is 48cm long, 14.5cm high and 13cm deep.

Product Description

A beautiful piece of South African Steatite or Soapstone.  Glorious shallow water green. Lead lines of various colors meander through the wonderful silky stone. A delight to hold and touch.

The piece has been hand carved, then sanded using 11 grades of wet and dry paper, then baked and oiled and baked again. The baking hardens the surface and makes it more suitable to a final polish. It is just like holding a wave in your hands.  Wonderful for a desk top, the piece is slightly larger than normal at 60cm long.  Every time I see it I want to start paddling. It reminds me of warm summer days at Coolum Beach Queensland, Australia.