Never Surrender

Where there is a will there is a way. Fitting a 9 foot surfboard and a 6 foot 4 artist on a small mobility scooter is no easy feat! But still surfing and still painting! Cant complain about that

Wendy the Wombat

This is Wendy the Wombat. 400kg of stone but with a beautiful smile! She is loved by many.

Back Again

Been busy painting. Thankfully the art is selling really well. Havent had a chance to do too much with the sculpture lately, largely due to the MS. That said, I think i am more focused on my art than I have ever been. Mind you I am not getting too much surf time. Its a … Continued

Holloway Gallery

Extremely proud to have been asked to exhibit my works at the gorgeous Holloway Gallery at Moffat Beach! Extremely honored

On being crippled

OK a bit contentious but relevant. I am crippled. The cause is MS. It means i cant surf like i used to and in fact cant walk much at all. Bit of a pain in the bum BUT it is continuously reshaping the way i paint. I can no longer do the very fine detailed … Continued

More new works

I am trying to keep challenging myself with continuing explorations into new styles. My take on good art is to keep it creative and powerful. I don’t have a goal to produce photo-realistic art works. People can buy photos if that’s what they want. I want my art to yell loudly from the wall, grab … Continued

First Beach Boys Appearance for my Cold Wave Painting

Well the first concert by Bruce Johnson and the Beach Boys in Hong Kong with the HK Philharmonic and it sounds like the painting blown up on the big screen went well judging my the email from Bruce! April 6, 2016 Col: Cool Wave looked great on our large screen when we had our two … Continued

Final Stretch

Im in the final week of my new sculpture “She Wave” A beautiful piece of light green Iranian Onyx courtesy of Graham Radcliffe. Its almost like the last few chapters of a good book…….ill be excited to reach the end but in another way dont wont to complete it! Photos coming Col

Beach Boys love Surf Zen art!

Here is a message from Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys. They are using our art as a back drop at 150 concerts. VERY EXCITED- Go see them if you get half a chance. They are still the best Cheryl and Colin: We chose COLD WAVE to drift across our large concert screen(s) in 2016 … Continued

help us help Fiji

New smaller size fine art prints are coming soon. Less cost and less wall space! My new oil piece due to start this week. Looking forward to it. About to commence a 15% donation to the Fijians from every painting sold. More detail coming on the FB Page.