About my art

My art is in homes, offices, and galleries around the world. It was chosen by Bruce Johnston and the Beach Boys as a backdrop for their 2016 world tour.  I paint the ocean as a surfer.  I have been surfing for over 40 years and just love the ocean.  The feel, the sound,  the look. The power, the fractured lines, sparkling light,  mist,  the movement of the sea.  I often paint using permanent acrylic ink on very heavy Arches water color paper.  Generally that is for the finer pieces where i am trying to capture the fine detail of a wave.  for the larger ocean pieces I use a combination of acrylic and oil.  My recent “storm” series for example was all acrylic and oil.



The Cove

C-CHANDLER_016_The Anatomy of a Wave_30cm Promo