About my art

My art is in homes, offices, and galleries around the world. It was chosen by Bruce Johnston and the Beach Boys as a backdrop for their 2016 world tour. I have a piece with a world famous opera singer in the UK, and another with one of Australias leading musicians. Music and the sea go together well!

My goal is to capture in my art the things that those of us who surf have experienced in the sea. The fear, passion, exhilaration and joy of the sea. The infinite variety of colour and light. My influences are broad from Sorolla, to Hokusai and more. The key influence though is the feel of the sea. I use a range of media, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic,and oils. While I predominantly focus on the sea every now and then I sneak in a Rainforest piece just for fun.

For a first hand look at my art works please go to the Holloway Gallery at Moffat Beach or contact me via the contact page.
Holloway Gallery

C-CHANDLER_016_The Anatomy of a Wave_30cm Promo